To further my knowledge and skills in the field of photography, as well as expand on the fundamentals of the business world.


Maryland Institute College of Art — May 2011

  • Earned my bachelors degree in photography, with an art history minor
  • Focused on honing technical skills
  • Focused on building cohesive bodies of work

The Art Institute of Philadelphia —

  • Majored in photography
  • Learned basic technical skills of the 35mm film and digital cameras, 4×5 film cameras,
    and pinhole cameras
  • Gained experience and knowledge in working in a darkroom, developing film, computer
    editing with Photoshop, and film scanning tools



Sunny Day Event Photography — Photographer — June 2010 – Present

  • Began building the foundation for my freelance photography business
  • Through networking and good fortune I have come into some work
  • Built the templates for invoices, receipts, and other business-related forms
  • Published a website, made business cards, hung flyers around town
  • Track finances and profit in a spreadsheet, as well as client information and detailed
    information regarding clients accounts and order history
  • Schedule appointments and turn over pre-edited shots in a timely manner, as well as
    edited digital images and prints

Urbanite Baltimore — Photography Intern — January 2011 – May 2011

  • Shadowing head photographer on shoots to further expand my knowledge
  • Editing cover and main story images
  • Shooting store fronts and restaurants each month
  • Giving input and advice concerning the magazine with the staff each month
  • Brainstorming for cover ideas with the staff
  • Out shooting fashion on the street weekly, helping to gain confidence in
    portrait photography
  • Work being published in both the magazine and the website on a monthly basis

 Computer Sciences Corporation — Administrative Assistant — February 2009 – Present

  • Admin to six Business Managers – managing calendars, scheduling meetings and
    appointments, reminding them of upcoming due dates or past-due notices
  • Sole point-of-contact between Delivery Order 4 and the 30-50 subcontractor
    companies the company works with on a regular basis
  • Skimming resumes for potentially skilled new hires, coordinating interview times
    between the subcontractor and the Business Managers
  • Created and maintain several spreadsheets which track all of the movement around
    the Delivery Order
  • At times, assisting the other six Delivery Orders to fill staffing needs
  • Working closely with the Business Managers, Security office, and Recruiting to move
    new hires through the security process and prep them for on-boarding with the

A1 Evaluation and Tutoring — Personal Assistant — February 2008 – February 2009

  • Learned a great deal about starting and maintaining a personal business
  • Honed standard clerical skills such as memos, formal letters, faxing, and communicating
    with prospective clients
  • Worked in close contact with senators and governor’s throughout the country during the
    Presidential campaign
  • Occasionally assisted in the tutoring of elementary-aged children with learning disabilities



  • 35mm film camera
  • 35mm digital SLR camera
  • Developing black&white film
  • Printing in a black&white darkroom
  • Adobe Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3, and CS5 (photo editing, touching up, etc)
  • Microsoft Office certified (Powerpoint, Word, and Excel)
  • 4×5 view camera
  • Scanning and editing film (black&white and color)
  • Outstanding time management skills
  • Minimal Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Minimal studio lighting

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