The Photographer & The Focus

My name is Amie Bingaman and I am a Baltimore, Maryland native. 

A recent graduate of the Maryland Insititute College of Art (MICA), I plan to shoot as much as possible with my free-time, building both a larger portfolio for my fine art, as well as a larger client base for my freelance business, Sunny Day Event Photography.

My hope is to return to MICA to pursue my masters in photography.  I am considering a career in teaching basic photo classes or elementary art education in the future. I would also like to have a couple of art books published.

I draw from a variety of artists.  It’s quite possible I was supposed to be a (male) product of the 60’s or 70’s.  My photographic influences include Stephen Shore, Walker Evans, William Eggleston, and the likes.

I tend to focus on nature, and urbanism’s interference with it.  Finding the beauty in a small nearly-abandoned town, or in the cities struggling to remain relevant.  It is rare that I include people in my images, but I almost always include the evidence of them being there, or having been there.

There are a few rules that my photography stands by:

  • I believe in natural light, and natural light only.  I am very against studio shots, which is why you will be hard-pressed to find any in my catalog (both fine art and freelance). 
  • I almost always prefer black and white shots to color. 
  • I am attracted to square cropped/medium format images.
  • If it looks broken, don’t fix it; shoot it.

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